In the House - Remembering Ian Deans - A Political Giant

In the House

Members' Statements

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mr. David Christopherson (Hamilton Centre, NDP): "Mr. Speaker, on behalf of myself, the member for Hamilton Mountain, my leader, my caucus and my party, I rise in the House today to join with Hamiltonians in mourning the loss of Ian Deans and to extend our sincere condolences to his family.

Starting as a Hamilton firefighter and becoming a political giant, Ian was the MPP for Wentworth from 1967-79, and was the MP for Hamilton Mountain from 1980-86. Ian's incredible talent made him an ideal House leader not just in Queen's Park but here in Ottawa as well.

For 10 years, lan served as the chair of the Public Sector Staff Relations Board.

I am honoured to have called lan a friend and a mentor. He was the one in 1984 who convinced me to move from the labour movement to the political arena. Ian was one of the most naturally gifted politicians I have ever met and he set the gold standard for what it means to connect with your constituents, represent your community, and make a real difference here in Parliament. Hamilton has lost one of its true champions.

Rest in peace my friend."